A new forwarded thinking approach to teaching.

We make the process simple and stress-free as possible.

An assessment takes 45 minutes. When it is complete we’ll discuss the results with you on the same day and make recommendations for the next steps. To find out how our tuition works, your child will be able to try out some actual Tuition Centre lessons, supported by one of our tutors.                                                                              IF YOU WILL LIKE TO BOOK AN ASSESSMENT FOR YOUR CHILD OR MAKE A GENERAL ENQUIRY, PLEASE COMPLETE THE BELOW & CLICK SUBMIT. STAFF FROM THE TUITION CENTRE AT A2Z WILL CONTACT YOU WITHIN 24HRS.


Information that shows the way forward.

The best thing about an assessment is that it can identify weakness, strengths and knowledge gaps. It also lays the foundation for a tutorial plan that’s exactly right for your child.                                                                                                                         AN ASSESSMENT IS SIMPLY THE FIRST STEP IN THE CONTINUOUS ASSESSMENT PROCESS WE HAVE IN PLACE FOR PUPILS AND STUDENTS. IT DOES NOT DEFINE YOUR CHILD IT SIMPLY HELPS US WORK OUT THE BEST WAY TO ASSIST THEM


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